Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The End...

Insert: Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki (by Choucho)

Hajimete no kissu wa, namida no aji ga shita...

It has already reached 100 posts. I'm rather impressive, to be honest. Never thought that these feelings are conjure into such huge posts and being posted up for like, 100 times throughout... how many years? Or just one single year? I wasn't sure about it.

Marude dorama mitai na koi...

And so, I'm thinking that I should close this down right now, and open a new one... though I DID opened a new one already. I will post the updates of the new one in FB from time to time. Though I won't delete all the files or posts that's writting within this blog, I won't start updating it again.

Miagaratta you ni Hassha no BERU ga natta.

Also, this feeling and this secret should come to an end. I shall no longer held my feelings and secret any longer. I'm going to toss them out, and die along with this blog. Whether it's a good thing, or not, it doesn't matter much to me anymore.
Tsunagaritai... Dore hodo negatta darou?

Anyway, treat this as a new beginning for me then. What happened last year is all over.

Ikanakucha, sonna no wakatteru...

Goodbye blog. Goodbye the confused me. Goodbye to all the readers that either comment and lurks around. Thanks for all the support and time you gave to me this past year.

Arigatou, sayonara, setsunai kataomoi...

Henkamukyuu no Aries. Sign out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Border Line...

So, what's the borderline between love and friendship?

Was it, like Wayne said, friendship will only bring you to a cinema and nothing more, but love will ask you to bed and wants more?

In my opinion, it's not.

To me, friendship is more than just a cinema's fun could bring you.
Friendship is something much deeper than that.
You can share like almost anything include your love life with your bestest best friend, and they will make you happy, make you laugh, and spice up your life.
True friends will stay beside you, give you advices when you're in deep trouble, and even help you out with everything they had.
True friends will comfort you and listen to you when you're in a bad mood.
True friends would never betray you for anything, excluding their family's life or their lover's life, of course.
True friends would understand your choices of choosing your dearest over them.
True friends would even argue with their dearest just to save you from your most critical moments...
But of course, not all of them are as willing as that.

Love, however, is the biggest confusion that I'm thinking about it right now.

So, you're caring so much about this person, and he or she does the same. But, are they in love with each other?
So, you're giving so much towards this person, though he or she didn't have any reactions at all. Well, are you two a couple?
So, you're feeling tonnes of happiness with this person, who makes you happy, understood you, shares everything with you, and even willing to risk his or her time for you. But are you two a couple?
So, you're feeling so torn apart with this person, who makes your heart break, maybe hates you, being so distant and cold with you, but a tiny thing that he or she do will make you happy for the whole day. Is this how a couple should be?
So, you're very close to this person, and the both of you are so much in sync, understood each other so well that you're like a pair of twin, that everyone would thought and even hoped that you two are a couple. But, are you two having feelings for each other?
So, you're originally a best friend towards this person, but then you two became a secret couple that nobody knew about it. Then, the two of you became so distant to each other that it's on the verge to break up, but since both of you originally best friends so you two still care about each other just in case the if the other, or the others, might suspect... so are the two of you still having feeling for each other? Or the both of you are just friends now? But how can you define being just friends without having a mistake at your own feelings?

One is your true friend, one is a total stranger, and the other is an ex. But there's no lines saying "if you cross this line, you're in love with him or her". It can be emotionally, it can be physically, but there's still not a line.
Love is a feeling, that you cared a lot and want to know more about your lover, that you wanted to be together with your lover, that you desired to be the only one of your lover. But the confusion starts even before you two are a couple, or maybe it might be mixed up with what true friendship is.
The unknown jealousy, the odd thoughts of being only with him/her, the fantasy of you two being together as a couple... and all those "What If"s.
But then, you realize that you're not really "in love" with him or her. It's merely just a crush or some kind of mixed and confused feeling.

That's why, I'm still thinking.
What's exactly the borderline of love and friendship?
Could they mean deeper than what I thought of, or simpler than I could think of?

PS: Oh yes, I do need people's opinion here. PX Just reply anywhere you like, LOL 8D

Thursday, November 18, 2010

100th Entry? 8D

Insert Playlist: Durarara!!

Wow, such a looooooong while since I've written anything in this blog. Heh, I guess I must've been being lazy for too much times PX

What inspired (or reminded) me to write this right now, is nothing than a tagged post in FB. Meh, I've been indulged to FB too much .w. Feel so sorry for myself PX

Anyway, from THIS DAY onwards... (30days to CF! Hurray~ 8D) I shall be keeping fit to EXTREME MEASURES until the day of CF... okay, maybe until Kou's birthday. But right now, I'm not going to take any sweet stuffs (fresh fruits aside), fat-stuffs (cheese, you can die), and... well, snacks and everything. And currently, I'm resuming (finally) my DDR (though I regretted in deleting the previous file accidentally... OTL)

Hopefully, seriously I PRAY TO GOD (Namo Amitabha... *prays*), that I WILL erase this round thing that's suppose to by my stomach right now, and renew my glory of my SEME face!!! *roars*

Kou... I hate myself for unable to resist you... I've said that once and I shall say that again. The places you bring me go are just... MMMMGH~ Delicious... *drools* But that's gonna stop! I'm not going to eat... until I erase this huge ball of mine here! GRAAAAAAH!!!


*cough* That aside... The real purpose of me being here, is because of that tag.

*sigh* To be honest, I've never thought that I need to choose one day to be relieved. And of course, it's none other than that day... the day that did not exist in this blog (It's a secret, until now, shh XP)

And to find THAT DAY, I went through every single password for my diary (damn, I tried everything but nothing), until the very, VERY, exotic (kinda) password came towards me, and I was like "OHHHH YESSSSSS!!!"

Then, I began to reread parts that I wrote.

2. LOLOLOL! That fella's so TSUNTSUN!!! XDDD
3. "Thank you Thomas! Thank you Thomas! Thank you Thomas!" - by an uncle who did a ceramah last year

And I regretted.
1. A lot about that fella, of course.
3. The last day that I wrote in my diary...

Of how STUPID I am, and of course, all the good memories that all of us can retain.

But not anymore.


Finally, after I've gone through 90% of the diary, finally I found it. Yes, there it is... 14th of August. I can still remember that it's around the time of H1N1 LOLOLOL PX

Then, the next entry and the last one, is the end of my whole diary of 2009. I guess I just don't have the feel to write it anymore - or at least, it doesn't felt to be interesting and secretive to be put into the diary anymore. Heh, my life is sure sad, eh?

I feel so happy, when I remembered what happened those good days.
I feel so regretful, when I review my own stupid mistakes in both friendship and love-ship (LOL)
I feel so sad, about those bad things in my diary...

And... well, I don't wish to take it out the second time around this year, unless there's an important event. And 2009 is already ended. This is 2010, and there's no secret to be hidden anymore. Or at least, not that much that I need to hide it up to my own anymore.

I am, a free man- I mean, GURL! PX


And since I'm over 2009, I might want to recall about what happened this year (until today, of course) Of course, I shall only be talking about the big stuffs.


3 months in Kem Princess Haliza. Bad things happened much during these times. But I don't really regret in going in. Well, at least I've seen things, though they're bad. And I actually learned something... little, things. And if you're on the positive side, you actually learn something from their classes, and the marchings. But then, I'm on the wrong side, and I can only see bad stuffs in the camp. Guess I'm just so bad luck eh?

1. Didn't get to shoot real bullets and know my aim.
2. Being in the worst company, and dorm.
3. Meet good friends only the last two weeks, and didn't get enough time to spend with them.

Hell yeah, I'm sad.


Second time to Japan, and not my favorite place at all. Why? It's so DAMN cold, and it only gone better during summer. *sigh* Oh well, at least their foods there still nice =3

It was, have to say, an enjoyable journey... if my families ain't there, it'll be PERFECT.

I've been to Japan twice, and I have to say I love it MORE. And I wish to go there again... and again, and again...

My next stop: Kyoto! (At least my family will bring me there? Who knows)
My most-wanted stop: AKIHABARA!!!!!!! (My family will NEVER bring me there =w=)

Learning stuffs

Beginning August, I've been learning drumming and vocals. And initially, dancing, but sadly the dancing teacher wasn't good enough to teach properly (and she's always late). Of course, I got my license to drive as well! Good stuff eh? 8D

Drumming: Being August as Grade 1, currently (November) Grade 5? (Wow, I'mma skipping REAL fast? Owo)
Vocals: Going into themes... And I DO learn a lot from here =3 (Hell, my teacher's a real artiste okay?)
Dancing: Only for one month - not really, just 2 weeks. The first month, she only came for twice, and she skipped for the other two times. I found that it's not a good thing, and her teaching skill is not that good as well (some others are complaining too). I guess cheap teachers doesn't make any good, eh?
Drive: Got my P in August, driving for 2 (3) months, and... well, I can say I scratched my beige Wira on the right side until it's... well, I can say it's very sad. .w. W-well! At least I maintained the left side clean! 8D (Meaning, I will let myself die first before my passengers! PX)

Cosplay event

My first ever Cosplay event: Animangaki. It's held in Sunway College. I must say, the experience... is very new to me. And ZOMG, my first time wearing a TRUE heels! 8D And first time wearing lenses to an event. Though... Well, I took them off halfway PX (Can't hold the lenses any longer @w@)

From this, I also met a lot of people: Reina/Luka-nii/IZAYAAAAAA/Sebas-chan (Walao, so many nicknames Owo), Louise/LuLu?, Hikari/Vanessa, Allysa/Alli, Sherly, and... more. But I don't really remember the names =w=

And so, I cos as... well, my original character. WAS going to cos as Ritsu (ED version), but I didn't have the headband, so I abandoned that idea. Thank god Kou was there to help me out (he's now my unofficial butler 8D) for everything, I get to cos as this... Vampire-kinda-character. And thanks to Mel for introducing Anatomi to me, I'm able to cos as this =3

Kou is cossing as, VERY, OBVIOUSLY, L. From Death Note.
Yuki's cossing as Vocaloid Luka - which, well, the original Luka is Reina (everything about the current Luka that Yuki's cossing is Reina's too).
Luka's cossing as both Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) and Izaya (DRRR??? Or KHR? Wasn't sure... Forgot PX). DAMN, S/HE'S HAWT!!!

The rest, I'm not going to say, because I'm not really sure @w@

Anyway, that day... is FUN. Why?

- S C A N D A L I C I O U S -

I can only say that word *loves*

Okay, literally, we took a lot of Scandal pictures - L x Izaya, L x Luka, Izaya x Luka, L x Izaya x Luka... WHAT ELSE?!?! Oh, I know... Sherly x L x Izaya x Luka. I'm, almost, squealing the whole day, holding Reina/Izaya's camera and SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP...

Sad case, the camera files cannot be read.

I nearly CRIED!!!
ZOMG, all the BEST pictures are IN. THERE!!!
/(QAQ)\ Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~

Oh well, it nonetheless, a good day to be remembered =3

Yuki's Birthday

I + Kou + Luka-nii had already been planning for this for more than a month (I guess). We plan to give her a surprise party (kinda), and Kou even planned to bake a cake!

However, there's some sad cases here:
1. We forgot to buy the mango paste.
2. We forgot to buy double wipcream (sp?)
3. Kou had some SRSBZN with his family right before THAT very day, when he's baking the cake.
4. The cake literally failed. =w=
5. When we already decided on how to surprise Yuki, Yuki break (somehow) the surprise by appearing right in front of the elevator as she's going to throw some trashes.

Happy cases:
1. The cake... is at least still edible PX
2. Yuki's VERY SURPRISE and became VERY (yes, VERY) TsunTsun at our appearance 8D
3. Good foods from Pizza Hut (despise the... news. Y'know.)
4. Good time with the four of us.
5. No strangers barging in 8D

That sums all, I guess =3

17th November

Yes, it was... yesterday. And so, the memory is FRESH.

Morning: Went to Puduraya for the Tailor shop. SOOOOO damn worried that the shop didn't open, but it did - 12p.m. =w= We arrive at 11p.m. (LOL). And so, Kou brought me to good foods 8D Thank him for the pandan thingy and the delicious Green-Bean-Noodle thingy.

Afternoon: We meet up with the Tailor thingy, and began to "negotiate". WOW, it's SO damn CHEAP! For the blazer + the skirt (folded, Japanese style), one set of them is RM315! ZOMG!!! And you know what? When we asked about the prices back in Sg. Wang - for ONLY the blazer - they rated from RM400 and UP! Until we found one shop of RM1k!!! Freaking... And so, without hesitation, we agreed and made it. And... MY GOSH! Kou, you are... ARGH! I'm envious. *rolls eyes* Fine. I'm not gonna talk about how skinny you are! Hmph! (Even Luka's jealous about his body...)

Meet up with Nic + Gracious in LM. Nic dress up normally. But... My gosh, Grace, you dress like a MOTHER. OAO The first comment we said to her as soon as we see her moving down from the elevator (so not Love Story - with elevator and that outfit PX)

We began our plans to smuggle foods into the cinema. First - Subway. I shared a meatball sandwich (sorry, forgot the name, but it was good) with Kou, and the other two had the same thingy. Funny thing is... Grace, are you serious that you wanna put ALLLLLLL sauces into your little sandwich?! Owo

Next stop - 1901. I shared the same hotdog thingy with Kou, and MY GOSH, it's DELICIOUS! The sauces are MMMMMGH~ But of course, I only ate it during cinema time. Grace... You said you don't wanna drink my juice, and you DRANK it. What the... XDDD

We crapped a lot in 1901, until it's the time for the movie. Guess what we're watching today? It's...

~ Harreh Pottah an' zee Deafly Hellos Part Uno

*cough* Sorry, it's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. Can't help but wanted to play on the names a bit PX Anyway, IT'S A GREAT SHOW! Good parts in the show:

1. Harry and Hermoine are NEEKID and making out.
2. Bellatrix on Hermoine... looks WRONG.
3. You-Know-Who is so close to the dead-headmaster as if he's trying to kiss him.
4. "William, don't look at me right now. I look ugly" ~ by Fluer, when (s)he's undressing the bra.
5. Ginny is asking Harry to zip the dress... and make out! 8D
6. "Ron, you don't have a wife" ~ by Harry when they're sneaking into the Ministry.
7. Hermoine's eyebrow actions... when Ron is talking.
8. "Dobby... is a free elf!" ~ by Dobby. Ah, I love that scene... and it was sad that Dobby died. I nearly cried. ;w;
9. "Luna? *nods* Luna." ~ by the Trio when they arrive at Lovegood odd "house".
10. And more parts, where I clapped my hands and laughed around. I guess only those that knows English READ GOOD can understand the jokes in the movie Owo

ROFLMAO! The whole show, aside from not-really-horrible-shocks, is HILARIOUS! XDDDDD I don't mind watching the whole thing again *loves* And I suuuure hope that the Part Two can come out sooooon. (I know it's next year, but it doesn't hurt to wish for a lil', right? PX)

Oh, did I mention that I saw Esth0r here? 8D With her- I mean, HIS boy- I mean, GAYfriend.

And so, we went to Popular... and trailing Esth0r (Grace aside, she appeared at the end... from NOWHERE Owo). We act like spies and tried to snap pics of her and the boyfriend. It's so hilarious that we crawled (Yes, CRAWL) about half the Popular to evade her XDDD Nic's glasses hit my head (or vice versa) and it's so painful! (I can still feel it right now owO) Yet, IT'S FUNNY!!! XDDDDDDDDDD (Btw, sorry Nikki for the glasses. .w.)

At the end, she noticed me (exact word: MY BUTT) and started to walk here. We tried to run away, but too slow. PX LOLOLOL, it's just so hilarious! XD Another great experience. Just wish that Mel's here with us too =3

After the... LOLful incident, we went for BR and eat ICE-CREAMS! 8D It's pink day anyway, so there's discounts *loves* The ice-creams are FABULOUS, but sadly, we didn't call the person to change our cones into choco-cones. ;w; The choco-cones are just.... UGGGHHHH~~~ *loves* Must try this again... next year.

We crap a lot there, once again, until seven when we decided to makan. And where to makan?


ZOMG, for the sake of just the steamboat... WE FIND PARKING LIKE... ARGH! Okay, it's my problem lar, I'm driving mah (They say the experience in my car is like a roller coaster, lololol) 8D Still bad in parking skills, lol. And so, after like, 10 minutes? 20 minutes? We finally parked the car, and went to makan steamboat.

Zoh-my-gosh. THERE'S CURRY FOR THE STEAMBOAT SOUP!!! 8DDDDDD Of course, we ordered that and along with the herbal one. The foods here are MARVELOUS, and so is the curry. The herbal one... meh. Okay okay lor.

We ordered drinks too: One carrot milk (DAMN. NICE), one lime-kinda-juice (NICE. TOO), and one HUMONGOUS apple juice (NICE. NICE.)

Suddenly, we realized one thing.

Sandwiches + Carrot milk + lime juice + apple juice + curry + ice-cream = STOMACH ACHE.

But who cares 8D

They're good foods, LOL! XDDD

And steamboat is NEVER been so fun before *loves*

It was the first time, and I guess there's going to be a second time... and MOAR. *lovesloves*

But it was also because of today my stomach turned ROUND.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Stuck...? Or chance?

Insert Song: High School of the Dead (High School of the Dead OP)

Currently, I'm staying over Yuki's place... and gosh, not to be rude but, this is another survival chance after I came out from that 3 months NS thingy. LOLOLOL. Well, it's not like this place is as bad as NS, but it lacks of pretty much things than a normal house should have... well, it's practically not her house anyway, since she's renting this apartment, so yeah... =w=

Still, I was thinking a lot about coming here... was it a good choice? Well, the main reason that I came here was because of a chance to perform as a drummer in Bentley Auditorium. Erm, it's not my solo, of course, I'm just helping out a group in their contest. It's about Buddha songs, but it's composing songs. It's kind of big, and I'm kind of nervous right now lol. I'd rather give up than having myself to be humiliated out there- wait. I haven't told you the whole thing right? Then I should tell you now...

Okay, so yesterday, I had a call from Yuki, saying that someone wanted a drummer, aside from a bassist of course. Initially, I kind of refused to the proposal, and request to have at least RM100 or else - since it's far away from my home and everything. Even driving there takes 30 mins +, you think I want jobs like that with low pays? No. But then, I have to consider: It's a chance to perform as a drummer, and with some pays. Another thing that piqued my interest was that it's the Ying Yuan Musical Fest (something like that), and I straight agreed.

However, I was disappointed.

I can understand that they have school and everything, but not booking a place before any practice when the time it's like... Two more days to the real thing? I'm not sure what's the guy's thinking. Was he serious in winning this? Or was he even wanted to do this? I'm not convinced by his actions. He had the talent... well, I guess, though he lack of knowledges in other instruments. (I still prefer Yamato in piano transposing... but that aside.) Anyway, you know what time we started the training? 9.30p.m., near to 10p.m. I was very pissed off at the first moment that I get the message that he hasn't prepared anything for the training yet, and worse, he's LATE. And worst, he wanted US to go and check the price of the jamming room for him.


No seriously. This is really stupid.

If he said he wanted to win this thing, I will never believe in him, and I shall quit. Oh well, luckily he had not that kind of thought, because I know it'll never be if he's acting like this. *rolls eyes* I really hate people with no preperations at all. Especially when you have a freaking CONTEST. *rolls eyes MORE* Oh well, I'd rather go back at that moment.

But then, more stuffs interested me as soon as I started playing this.

I can feel my joy of able to able to work alongside with another composer with minds alike. Though, I really hate his attitude of late and everything at first, but at least he wasn't bad in personalities.

*sigh* Still, I have to say that it's tiring to travel here and there... So, later, I'm going to go back by LRT, get my stuffs to prepare for another night, and then I need to come here again with car, and the real night, go back by car... I hope I'm not alone. Damn! I so wish to ditch them right now, but it's against my own principle, so no, I'm not going to do so.

Oh well, at least... Kou will be with me, right? Riiiight??? 0w0

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reading SparkLife...

Some conclusions I had about Twilight after reading those posts in SparkLife: Edward might not be a character that I can hate, but Bella sure is a one hell of a character that BUGS me =w=

What the fuck is with Stephanie, as Bella or not as Bella herself, making Bella such a shitty character. For a main character/protagonist, she sure fails. And... the grammars. Ugh! It sucked! =A=

You can never understood what she's implying. Take a look at the below...

Grammar Failure:
"Bella then stares at Edward's ocher eyes, and says she's trying to figure out what he is, exactly. Among her theories: he's a superhero. Of course, instead of just saying, "I couldn't decide if he was Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker," she says, "I had been vacillating during the last month between Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker." It should be noted that no one has ever used the word "vacillating" when talking to themselves. It sounds like an air-conditioning term, or something Mr. Burns would say."

WTF, vacillating??? OAo What kind of- ugh. I don't even feel like explaining =A=

Anyway, I love all those predictions that he had about Twilight XD It's like, it's going to be so true lololol~

Oh, and this is too funny to be ignored:
"The chapter begins with Bella meeting up with her non-vampire friends and heading to the beach for a party. There are too many kids here to keep track of, including a boy named Ben and some other guy who's not named Ben. Lauren, who I forgot about, is mean to Bella. Perhaps she's jealous. Or perhaps Lauren is Eric in disguise."

That thing is bold and italic, it's so funny that it might be true! XD

This is also a very good one:
"They talk for a bit. She describes his eyes as "ocher" on two separate occasions in this chapter. It's a strange word. I'm assuming author Stephenie Meyer ran out of other ways to say "dreamy, sexy gold." Or maybe she has thousands of ways to describe his eyes, but she's saving them for another book, entitled Edward's Eyes Thesaurus."

I can so see that coming OwO

I can salute Nicole for reading all those Twilight books and make one post of her own. That post was brilliant. Wondering who? See those who followed my blogs XD She's the girl with medium length black hairs and glasses... wait. There's not only one of that in my followers. 0A0 Whatever. =w=

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hokkaido Trip Day One

First thing to say before I'm gonna continue with my journey:


Okay, now... MY TRIP TO HOKKAIDO! Was it fun? Well, to me, it's just a so-so. It's not as fun as Tokyo (Or better, AKIHABARAGODDAMMITICAN'TGOFFFFFFFFF). That aside, I captured a lot of pics that... made my phone busted without any memory spaces left OAo y'know, this is the first time EVER I had this kind of problem lololol

Anyway, on to the journey!

First day, after one night of UNABLE to sleep in the plane, I woke up in Narita Airport, with a local Japan guide. But of course, he's not a full Japanese, and yes he can speak our language. It seemed that he's a Vietnamese who had fled into Taiwan and Hong Kong, and EVEN participated in a Hong Kong movie Owo An actor, though he pretty much didn't continue it and became... a guide. And a side-translator 8D

Okay, so my breakfast... sucks. =w= Yush. To be honest, it sucked, compared to the rest of the foods I ate in the rest of my journey. However, it's considered one of the best compared to Malaysia obviously 8D I didn't took a pic of it, sad .w.


And so, after eating our breakkie, we went for... another airplane. ;w; sad ish sad indeed. We need to change our planes, oh yes. Because Narita =\= Hokkaido although they're all in Japan.

Good point about the planes is, there's good musics and entertainments 8D
JAL (Japan AirLines) ROCKS!!! XDDD
And thanks to this, I'm able to strip off some of the good musics *evil smirk* I'mma gonna download them up...

As we land in Sapporo, we went for lunch immediately. Thankfully, this first lunch from the agency was quite nice. =3




SALMON!!! You saw it right? AND SCALLOP!!!


The back view of zee crab =3




Okay, now we're off to our first sight-seeing stop... KANONJI!!!


Welcome to Kanonji (Guan Yin Temple).

Up: Captured from outside.
Down: Captured from the entrance.
Good grieve. They made such a HUUUUGE Kanon-sama Owo ZOMG... How much did they spend on that?!

The entrance 8D

The inner entrance to the inside. And mind you - the STEPS from the entrance to the inside is... a field wide. OAo I need to CLIMB those stupid steps zomg... It's tiring, yes.

The Buddha. =3 I had did this once when I'm inside the camp (owait, I haven't tell that yet, lololol.), and now's my second time!!! Weeee~

You must understand how many Kanon-sama there are... There's... so many. The floors explain most part of eet. ZOMG.

But first! Let's take a look at the HUMONGOUS hand of the GIGANTIC Kanon-sama! 8D


The view up here ish niiice =3

And now... the time haz come. For MULTIPLE KANON-SAMA!!!

Oh yes. There's SO MANY of them... Owo


After visiting Kanonji, we're off... for our hotel.


lolthebuscoveredthehotelname =w=

Because of the pics above (thanks to my shortness =w= ), I can NEVER know the name of the hotel Owo


Oh yes, the foods are niiiice *loves*
Note the lil' sashimi over there, and the chawanmushi, and the tofus (in this case, it should be tau-pok. Don't ask me what it is in English *looks to the side*)! xDDD
They're just mwah favorite!!!

And now, time to give out some photos of the hotel... Oh, I captured them in the next morning, so yeah 8D

Sad thing about the pictures were, though, ish that I can't take a pic of the Onsen they're having here =w= Why? Because I'm having period times during that day and can't go. FFFFFF-

Also, they prohibited people from taking pictures INSIDE the Onsen 8D

You know why. You Hentais. *EBILSMIRK*

Outside the hotel, there's... flowers.

Japan's fastest river Owo Rumors said that the salmons will swim back in the opposite way up to the hills to produce eggs there... and then, the fishes will swim back to the water Owo
By the way, I found this river to be uberly beautiful that I couldn't help but upload it in maximum *loves*

The room of the hotel. It's Japanese styled =3

Buffets! And good point ish: Japanese foods ensured *happy*

BEARS! 8D You will find a lot of these in Hokkaido. Seriously.


And so, that's the end of my first day. I shall update my second day tomorrow...